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Rogue Anglers Carp Den is one of the best and most spectacular private fishing spot located in the suburbs of Kolkata. It is managed by Rogue Anglers Company and houses a 50 bigha farmhouse. Inside sits a beautiful 16 bigha pond surrounded by a beautiful garden and an over dose of greenery, the perfect spot to experience the tranquility of a fisherman's mind with plenty of fish from carp group like Catla,rohu,mrigel,kalabose. The water body here is primarily used to teach kids and adults the fine art of angling and also for organising workshops on the policies, strategies and activities to sustainably manage and protect the natural resource of fresh water and it's habitats. Rogue Anglers Carp Den (RACD) proudly stands as the official destination for the All India Game Fishing Association, India’s only official angling organisation. Its national and international fishing events, conservation events,clean water mission,go green mission and other events are organized regularly here. This quiet and crystal clear waterside spot is perfect for nature study, bird watching, outdoor education and angling.The nature rich RACD is a must place to fight stress and embrace the disappearing clean, green and an eco-friendly environment.