• Exciting Learning Opportunities

    We frequently organize angling camps for children where we teach them the basics of fishing, techniques, methods, handling of equipment, and the importance of conservation. These camps are also a great way to help your child in developing a connection with the outdoors. These camps also welcome adults who wish to learn the fine art of angling.

    Business with a Conscience

    We are the only Indian angling trip organisers who are involved in several consultancy projects with different State Governments of India. We work hand in hand with fisheries and Tourism Departments to promote fishing tourism and to help protect water bodies and habitats. We organise seminars – independently or in association with Government Fishery Departments – on ethical fishing, importance of catch and release, and fishing photography, among other things. We are also involved in several projects for developing sustainable livelihoods for locals through fishing tourism.

    Environmental awareness

    Rogue Anglers Company, as a policy, is involved and will be involved in projects run by NGOs that work towards the protection of endangered species like the Himalayan Golden Mahseer. We work with the UK-based Mahseer Trust, All India Game Fishing Association, International Game Fishing Association, and National Fisheries Development Board, and, in association with these organizations, we organize awareness camps, help in releasing fingerlings and protecting rivers, work towards stopping poaching, and help in DNA sample collection for scientific research.